Sep 23, 2008

Guest Post on SingleGuyMoney

Photo: neubie

A few days ago, SingleGuyMoney asked if anyone would like to do a guest post. I duly responded and today my guest post has appeared.

It's called Being Green and How it Saves You Money. I hope you guys enjoy it and be sure to leave a comment either over there or over here with other tips on how being green can save you money.

Thanks SingleGuyMoney!


Determinist said...

I was just talking to someone in the office who is taking an environmental degree part time.

I was discussing the insulation problem in New Zealand and how, by taking the profits from one publically owned power company, the government could completely subsidize insulating all the houses in New Zealand.

Of course, insulating the houses means more efficient, which means less power, which means less money. Even if you insulate yourself, it only takes a couple of years to break even on all the savings.

Now - the issue is, and here's where the environmental degree opens your eyes, when people have more money, what do they do with it?

They buy stuff - which is a huge contributor to environmental problems.

So - it seems that the opposite of your point is also true, which is, spending less money is also good for the environment. Maybe that's a corollary?

retire-at-40 said...

@determinist: Thanks for your points.

I see what you mean about the insulation and wholeheartedly agree that it makes sense. I suspect it'll take a bit longer than a couple of years to claw back the investment put in it (not that I'm saying don't do it, just that it'll take a bit longer than you mention).

As for presuming that people with more money 'buy stuff', I would disagree. Many millionaires look and act just like normal people, they mingle in the same crowds and they have an old battered car like everyone else. In fact, that's exactly why they are wealthy, because they look just like someone next door and don't spend their money on silly things. You're thinking celebrities or lottery winners, I'm thinking of people who earned and saved up their money in a sensible fashion.

My point about being green and saving money is just based on my observations and my spending patterns. I'm sure there are people who spend their money on all sorts of things - I can't speak for them.

neubertdave said...

Thanks for using my photo. I actually did retire at 39.

The first six months you couldn't knock the smile off my face. Then the next two years life was a bit empty because I didn't have enough to do and feel useful. In the end, I joined a bunch of boards, non-profit and for profit. I got an office and consult 1/2 time. So retirement may not be all the "hang out and play golf" that is seems to be. You will be too young not to be useful.

retire-at-40 said...


Wow, you did retire at 39. That's great.

I see what you mean about still being useful though that is also a part of my plan. Essentially, I will be doing the things that please me rather than working for someone else.

Hope it all goes well with all your voluntary activities.