Nov 7, 2008

Why I Must Become Financially Independent

I have just read a short but fantastic article over on Breaking Free. It's called Why I Must and it tells us why Brian must become financially independent.

As you know, my blog is also about becoming financially independent and his idea of keeping a list of reasons of why this must be so is really appealing to me. In fact, I think it's such a good idea, I'm going to start the list right now, copy this list to a file on my computer and add to it every time I think of a new one.

Reasons "Why I Must" Become Financially Independent

Photo: luchilu

I must become financially independent so that I can:

  • devote more time to developing free software
  • do some volunteer work
  • devote more time to organisations I am already involved in
  • work for myself instead of for someone else
  • enjoy my time off doing whatever it is I like
  • spend more time on my hobbies
  • excercise more
  • get out and see more of the countryside
  • spend more time with my friends
  • spend more time with my family

That list is in no particular order and I guess it is only the start of what might become a fairly long list. Maybe you should try it too so that you can also see what you'll be able to do when you become financially independent. The endless possibilities may convince you to start on your journey to a prosperous and productive future.

Any others you think I should add to my list, or any that you would have on yours?


Starshard0 said...

I'm 19 now and I plan on retiring at 35. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress in the pursuit of your goal. said...

Great stuff Andrew, I think we'll both get there faster by staying reminded of this. Thanks!

Caleb Nelson said...

This is a very self-inspiring way of getting to your goal. It's incredible how your mind works. Another way to remind yourself is a list of the things that you would accomplish or have if money wasn't an issue. Alliterating these wants has incredible effects on your psyche.


studenomics said...

The thought that really sells me on the concept of financial independance is being able to travel to warmer climates during the cold Canadian winter (which is just about top start).

Anonymous said...

@starshard0: Wow, that's amazing. Good luck on your journey. You've definitely decided at the right time (whilst you're still young) about your future - unlike a lot of us who leave it later :-)

@startbreakingfree: You're dead right. Having goals is hugely important to help make these things happen.

@caleb nelson: Thanks! And I see what you mean "if money wasn't an issue" though unfortunately, most of the time it is.

@studenomics: That's a great idea. When I was 20 and travelling I met someone who worked for 6 months in one hemisphere and travelled for 6 months to hotter climates for the winter. That guy has forever been imprinted on my brain - wouldn't that be amazing?