Dec 17, 2008

89th Carnival of Money Stories

Hi everyone and welcome to the 89th Carnival of Money Stories (replacing my usual Tuesday PF Roundup). I'm your host this week and I just wanted to start off by introducing myself quickly.

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Happily, today is also my 33rd birthday so it feels good hosting my first carnival on this special day. I shall be retiring exactly 7 years from now (or hopefully before) so if you're keen on following my adventure towards financial independence, please subscribe to my RSS feed.

And now, let's get on with the carnival with thanks to Andy Oshira for letting me host it on my special day.

The 89th Carnival of Money Stories


Curt @
Christmas Trees Are Still Selling
Dan O'Connor @ beingpad
Make Money with Affiliate Programs in 10 Simple Steps
FMF @ Free Money Finance
Menard's Makes Cents
Joe Manausa @ Tallahassee Real Estate Blog
Real Estate Supply And Demand
Ryan Suenaga @ Uncommon Cents
Bailing Out Domestic Automakers–What's the Plan?


CreditAddict @ Credit Card Addict
American Express Increased Our Credit Limit
DR @ DR's Money Management Blog
How Smarter Money Management Can Make You a Cool $826.75 in 10 Minutes
Sun @ Earn More and Invest Wisely at The Sun's Financial Diary
New Credit Card Rules Coming Soon, to the Benefit of Cardholders
The Happy Rock @ The Happy Rock
Credit Card Late Fees With Chase Freedom - One Strike Down
Peter @ Bible Money Matters
When Canceling A Credit Card, Be Ready For The Emotional Appeals To Stay


Mr. CC @ Ask Mr Credit Card's Blog
Should You Pay Your Credit Card Bill Late? The Answer May Surprise You
Heather Levin @ The Greenest Dollar
The Benefits of Paying Off Your Mortgage Early


Andrew Chilton @ Retire at 40
Simple Steps Taken to go Car Free
Big Larry @ Out of Debt Christian
Ten Easy Ways to Save $1,000
Brian @
Estimating Your Social Security Benefits
Brooke @ Dollar Frugal
People are Much More Important….
Credit Card Assist @ Credit Cards Blog |
How Shall I Compare Thee, Credit Card?
FFB @ Free From Broke
Is It The Right Time To Buy A House?
FIRE Finance @ FIRE Finance
From Junk to Joy
Jim @ Blueprint for Financial Prosperity
Why High Octane Doesn't Matter (Unless It Does)
One Family @ One Family's Blog
Frugal Living – Ten Great Gift Ideas for Frugal Families (Christmas Holiday Shopping Tips)
Relax @ The Wise Curve
Let's talk about money
Savings Toolbox @ Savings Toolbox
Two Things You need To Know About Online Payday Loans
The Happy Rock @ The Happy Rock
My Finances and Saving System With ING Direct
vh @ Funny about Money
Yard sale adventures


Joanne @ Beginner Investing
Beginner Investing: Learning From Mistakes
Michael Cohen @ Stock Investing
I'm Betting On Oil
Silicon Valley Blogger @ The Digerati Life
10 Signs Of A Stock Market Bottom
Tristan @ Find Financial Freedom
How buy-to-let can work for you

Net Worth

Tyrone Solee @ Millionaire Acts
Journey to My Networth Millionaire Acts


Amanda @ Value For Your Life
My 25% Grocery Savings Rule In Action-Part 1-Intro
LAL @ LivingAlmostLarge
What an MBA has cost us
MoneyNing @ Personal Finance Blog by Money Ning
Let Your Children Handle Their Own Finances
SingleGuyMoney @ Single Guy Money
Stay Safe While Holiday Shopping


Next week's Carnival of Money Stories is at The Personal Financier.


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Thanks for hosting and including my post!

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Thanks for hosting and including my post! I look forward to reading the other articles